My Background:

Until the recent diagnosis of cancer things have been going pretty well in life. Iím in my second year of Employment for Bankone /JpMorgan Chase as a Series 6/6.3/Life and Health Insurance Licensed Banker. I just transferred to the Belleville office in Belleville, Michigan, which has proved rewarding in the time Iíve been there. Getting back to work is my number one focus right now.

I currently am residing In Canton, Michigan, that is very much like Midland, Michigan my home town.

My Girlfriend Effie and I, have been together for a little over three years now, and have established a very wonderful relationship which we will get to hold onto inside of us forever.

Iíve gotten the opportunity to play and coach lots of basketball in my life which has always been my biggest passion. I have wonderful family and friends to count on for endless support and I appreciate every little bit of it. I really enjoy the east coast in the Carolinas. I love going on yearly ski trips with guys, even though I never ski. Always find a way to win at poker though. Itís obvious with this site that you can tell I love technology, video games, and any other kind of beeping hoo hah out there. I carry my grandpas love for comic books with me now as well.

Having stage IV neuroendocrine cancer at age 29 is a real shocker, and life expectancy will probably end up in the less than 10 year range with Short term death a possibility that needs to be prepared for.

Fortunately, Iíve felt that Iíve tried to lead a life the best I could with the tools I was given. And I plan to continue to do so. I love life in general and If I get the chance I hope to share some more of mine with each of you. Bless everyone.

Brian 734.945.1424