For those of you haven't heard I have been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer classified under neuroendocrine tumors. It affects obviously the neurosystem, and in most cases goes completely unnoticed until an abrupt fatality or great illness. Regardless I have started up a site so that I can communicate with all of you about the happennings.

The cancer has spread to three parts of my body. I have masses located in my abdomen, Sacrum, and off of my L4 vertabrae. As the disease affects nerves surgery isn't an option.

So we are looking at the next 5 weeks of radiation therapy followed by Chemotherapy which will hopefully be able to control the disease and pain at that time. This is all fresh to me too so any info that you can pass out my way please don't be bashful. visit the sites as i post pictures and updates.

Thanks for being friends, your encouragement through this time is warmly welcomed...

Official papers in jpg format, may take a couple of minutes to load, and quality may very. The Diagnosis will lead us up to when we start Chemotherapy. Click on image to enlarge.