New years Eve 2005!!! I think Jeff is coming down late tonight after work to hang out for a few minutes. Scott and Linda Mellen visited myself and some of their old friends from Canton yesterday as well. Effie's family has relatives in visiting for a couple of months from ghanna. Also Effie and I plan to head up to Midland Saturday Morning and visit some friends. I'd like to set-up a lunch @ PI's or Damons around noon. What do you think Jeremy? Let me know if anyone can go. I'll probably contact my parents, and maybe go see my mom before the rose bowl around 3:00. Email me with any suggestions. I'll be around the house most of the day so don't hesitate to call. Those 6:00 a.m. medicines are calling to me so I got to go.


I had my second day of radiation today. We ended up setting the appt up for 7 a.m. as it is easier for me to move around in the morning. The type of radiation i am getting isn't really any different that just getting a high powered x-ray done. You don't feel a thing while you lay there. So far no side affects. I go again tomorrow at 7 a.m. I posted up my actual case study and diagnosis in the diagnosis section so check it out if you are ready for all the mumbo jumbo, It's pretty thorough. The world needs a little prayer right now folks, not just me, so lets keep that in our thoughts as well today.


All in all what a good few days. I got to spend some time with Jaime, Stephen, Jeff, and Effie and her mom. I'm sure everyone had a great Christmas, too bad you have to go back to work now though. Stephen stayed later last night to help drop in a toilet in the upstairs bathroom at effie's house. That was pretty nice of him. I'll be spending the next few days getting my first radiation treatments so I'll keep you all informed on that. For now it is more research, research, and more research, until I get a grip on exactly everything that is going on in my body. Thanks for your prayers.


I just want to take sometime to thank everyone who came to see me in the hospital at good ole U of M. It is always a source of strength to know there are so many people willing to support you and believe in you enough that you have the ability to pull through anything. From family, friends, work colleagues, and even the staff I owe you all a great big thanks, because seeing you all live life makes it worth it to me to want to contribute to beat this disease now or now on down the road. Don't hesitate to email me or call in the future if you can't make it in to see me. Well Merry Christmas to all !!!!!!